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Twelfth Inclusive Environments recognition for HMRC in historic Liverpool building

Posted: 6th July 2023

CIC has awarded HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) an impressive twelfth ‘Inclusive Environments Recognition’ for their application of the CIC'S Essential Principles for creating accessible and inclusive environments at the historic India Buildings in Liverpool.

India Buildings created a unique challenge for HMRC as it carries a Grade II* status which they’ve skilfully retrofitted to protect the original features of the building whilst still creating a modern and inclusive workplace for their staff and visitors alike.

CIC’s ‘Inclusive Environments Recognition’ has a two-stage approach. The first recognises those organisations that are following the Essentials Principles Guide and honours them with a certificate valid for a five-year period, which HMRC was awarded in 2018. The second stage acknowledges individual buildings or projects undertaken by organisations that have already received recognition at an organisational level from CIC.

The Essential Principles Guide for Clients, Developers and Contractors was launched in 2018. In order for projects to be considered for recognition from CIC, organisations must submit the following evidence to show that they support the six essential principles:

  1. Appointment of an Inclusive Environmental Champion at Project Level
  2. Evidence that your Inclusive Design Strategy has been incorporated within the project brief and project budget
  3. An example of how the project procurement process has addressed inclusive design
  4. Evidence of the use of Access and Inclusive Design expertise and of consultation with diverse users
  5. Evidence of monitoring and appraisal of completed projects to assess outcomes and successes in creating accessible and inclusive environments
  6. List of any constraints that have prevented implementation of your Inclusive Design Strategy for example physical constraints of an existing building

Colin Cassé HMRC Estates Director, welcomed this latest recognition saying, “Receiving CIC Inclusive Environments recognition for India Buildings is particularly significant as it demonstrates that with strategic commitment, welcoming and inclusive environments can be designed and delivered, even within the challenges presented by historic buildings. I am proud that CIC continues to recognise HMRC’s commitment to fully inclusive buildings - India Buildings is the 12th HMRC building and 11th Government hub to receive this recognition”.”

CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts OBE commended HMRC saying, “HMRC continue to deliver on their commitment to constructing accessible places for their users. Liverpool provided HMRC with an extra layer of complexity due to its Grade II* listed status, but HMRC have still maintained their vison to design truly inclusive environments whilst embracing the challenges of an historic building.”

If you would like further information about the CIC Inclusive Environments Recognition Scheme please contact Liz Drummond at A full copy of the Essential Principles Guide for Creating Accessible and Inclusive Environments for clients, developers and contractors can be viewed here.