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Ways of Getting Extra Cash at Retirement

Posted: 21st January 2022

You may think that you're too young to start thinking about retirement, but it's never too early. With the right steps now, your future self will thank you later! While there are many benefits of saving for retirement which can't be overlooked, some people don't make enough money in their day-to-day life or have children they need take care of before they feel like focusing on themselves.

Retiring is a wonderful time in your life. You can finally take that long-awaited vacation, spend time with the grandkids, and do all those other things you've been wanting to do but never got around to. But it isn't just about having fun, retirement also means an end to your paycheck.

How to Make Extra Money When You Retire

According to John Lawson, Equity Release Expert at Sovereignboss, one of the things that most people worry about when they retire is how to make ends meet. There are many ways to get extra cash in retirement, and some of them might be easier than you think!

If you don't have enough saved up for your golden years, or if you want to make extra money at this point in your life, then consider these 5 ways on how to make money when you retire:

1.Investing & Trading

Saving for retirement can be difficult. It is important to start investing and trading for extra money at retirement, but it seems like the right time never comes. The good news? Equity release may offer a solution! Instead of working until you're too old, equity release allows people with assets they wish to put into investment opportunities earlier in their lives without needing as much income now by borrowing against those assets through this type of financing product. There are many things to consider though before taking on this option, including the costs of releasing the equity. However, this might turn to be exactly what you always wanted.


If you want to make money in retirement, now is the time. The reality of retirement is that it’s an opportunity to finally make use of those long-dormant skills. This might sound like a stretch, but with the right planning and determination you can find ways to monetize your old hobbies to supplement what's likely going be a modest pension or social security check.

3.Selling Some Items

It's been a long time coming, but you're finally ready for retirement. The next big question is how to make some extra money in your new free time? You could try selling items that are still functional and have value at the likely used goods stores or online. Selling your old things to make some extra money during retirement is a great option. Not only will you have funds for all those trips and hobbies, but it can also free up space in the house.

4.Teaching & Tutoring

Retirees will need to find alternative sources of income when they can no longer work. Do you love to teach? Would a career as an educator is your ultimate dream job but it just didn't work out for some reason? Then you may consider doing some teaching or tutoring in your spare time, so that you have extra income aside from your pension.

5.Getting Your Space Rented

For many retired folks, living on a fixed income can be tough. It's not always easy to get by without some extra money coming in from time-to-time. Renting out your space can be a great way to make some extra money at retirement. It's easy and affordable, plus you get the opportunity to meet new people while collecting rent.

Retirement is an exciting time when people have the opportunity to live a life unencumbered by employment. With this newfound freedom, many retirees take it upon themselves to sell some of their old items and make extra money so they can enjoy retirement in style.

Retirement isn't just about fun though; you'll need money too. Many older adults think about some ways to make extra income for more security throughout the rest of one's golden years. These are all great options that each come with its own benefits depending on your individual needs and preferences.

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