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Workstream 6: Finance and risk

A system of project procurement should be developed and put into place, including a golden thread approach to responsibility for quality and outcomes building on the recommendations of the Hackitt Report.

The workstream is looking at establishing a standardised valuation method that deals with future value and project risk. Funding and grant awarding criteria should be overhauled to support those that seek to reduce climate-linked risk.

Workstream Leader
Workstream Leader

This workstream is led by Faithful+Gould and includes measurable deliverables divided into three priority groupings: short term, medium term and long term.

Resource Library

  • UKGBC Framework for Measuring and Reporting of Climate-related Physical Risks to Built Assets

UKGBC have launched a Framework to provide organisations with a
consistent methodology for measuring climate-related physical risks to built assets. The guidance includes detailed information on the physical risk assessment process; a methodology for built asset scale; and a standalone reporting framework which can be used to support the preparation of Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures disclosure reports.