The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Live Projects

The CIC carries out a broad range of industry related projects across the sector. The CIC work with numerous professional bodies, research organisations, specialist trade associations and government departments as well as with it’s members, in response to their needs.

This area of the website showcases the CIC’s live projects as well former projects which are now closed but still contain useful resource information.

Inclusive Environment Action Plan
A new construction industry action plan to make buildings and public spaces more inclusive. [read more]
A Blueprint for Change
April 2016
The next steps in the campaign to measure success and share diversity and inclusion best practice in the built environment [read more] [read more]
FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme 2015
2011 - Present
This innovative scheme was developed by RIBA’s Architects for Change and the CIC to address the retention and development of talented practitioners from diverse backgrounds for management and leadership roles in the built environment. [read more]
Green Construction Board
2011 - Present
The CIC provides Project Management and Secretariat support to the Green Construction Board. The Government/Industry Board was set up to address the low carbon agenda. [read more]
Considerate Constructors Scheme
1997 - Present
The Considerate Constructors Scheme is the national initiative set up by the construction industry to improve its image. Construction sites and companies that register with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. [read more]
Inclusive Environment Award
2016 - Present
CIC hosted the inaugural CIC Inclusive Environment (CIC-IE) Award in 2016, in recognition of buildings, places and spaces which demonstrate best practice in achieving an inclusive environment - an environment which is safe, flexible and accessible for all. [read more]
Essential Principles Guide
March 2017
These 6 essential principles will guide, support and motivate you when making decisions for clients, employers and society which affect the achievement of an inclusive environment. [read more]
Teaching and Learning Briefing Guide
July 2017
CIC has published a Teaching and Learning Briefing Guide called ‘Bringing inclusive design into built environment education’. [read more]
Speed Mentoring
2014 - present
A CIC 2050 Group Initiative to facilitate knowledge exchange and provide young industry professionals with access to senior professionals whom they might not otherwise get the chance to meet. [read more]
Inclusive Environment Digest
2017 - Present
The Inclusive Environment Digest is a free monthly e-newsletter that shares current industry news relevant to promoting an accessible and inclusive environment. [read more]
Brexit Digest
2016 - Present
The Brexit Digest is a free fortnightly e-newsletter which shares a round up of the latest news, views and opinion pieces about Brexit and its relationship to built environment professions. [read more]
Fire Safety Digest
2017 - Present
The Fire Safety Digest is a free weekly e-newsletter that shares post-Grenfell guidance and actions from the Built Environment professions. [read more]
Economic & Policy Briefings
2009 - Present
Chaired by Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford, the CIC Economic and Policy Briefings provide regular economic analyses, policy updates and comments on major commercial projects in construction industry. [read more]
Essential Principles Guide for Clients, Developers and Contractors
September 2018
CIC published a second Essential Principles Guide for Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Environment [read more]
Construction in the age of COVID-19
March 2020 - present
CIC has introduced a webinar series, looking at the biggest issues facing the construction industry [read more]
Carbon Zero: The professional institutions' climate action plan
June 2021
The CIC Climate Change Panel coordinates the efforts of the professional institutes in the built environments in meeting the UK government 2050 net zero emissions targets. [read more]