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Green Construction Board

Duration: 2011 - Present

The Green Construction Board was established to drive forward the actions set out in the ‘Low Carbon Construction Action Plan’.

The Board represents both Government and senior representatives from industry and is jointly chaired by the Minister of State for Business and Enterprise Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, who will act as the Government co-Chair together with Mike Putnam - President and CEO Skanska UK. DECC, Defra, DCLG, the Cabinet Office and BIS are among the key Departments represented on the Group with Industry. As well as monitoring the delivery of this Action Plan, the Board is also updating and refreshing actions going forward and takes collective responsibility for leading the change to a low carbon economy.

The Green Construction Board looks more widely at green property and construction issues, encompassing priority activities of the Sustainable Construction Strategy.

The Green Construction Board’s purpose is to:

  • Provide co-ordinated leadership across Government and industry on the issues contained in the Action Plan
  • Monitor the delivery of the joint Government and industry action plan and, through its development, ensure it remains relevant and appropriate
  • Consider, and advise on potential policy implications of recommendations from the final report of the Low Carbon Construction Innovation and Growth Team
  • Act as a sounding board for government departments for new or challenging green construction issues to facilitate effective policy making and better informed commercial decisions
  • Advise on the implementation of policies related to green construction, identifying sector specific implications and consequences
  • Direct attention of the industry and Government to the need for new knowledge or research in pursuit of the low carbon or sustainability agendas
  • Promote UK achievements in the field of green construction and provide a strong public voice on its wider value to the economy, to society and to the environment