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Inclusive Environment Award

Duration: 2016 - Present

CIC hosted the inaugural CIC Inclusive Environment (CIC-IE) Award in 2016, in recognition of buildings, places and spaces which demonstrate best practice in achieving an inclusive environment - an environment which is safe, flexible and accessible for all.

The CIC-IE Award is an “award of awards” celebrating exemplar schemes and projects previously recognised by a CIC member professional body or a CIC member built environment stakeholder.

The Royal Society of Arts has been inspiring built environment students to demonstrate some of the magic and ingenuity of their projects through the Inclusive Cities Student Design Award. The CIC-IE Award complements the RSA Student Design Award by inspiring professionals already in practice to help raise the standard of inclusivity achieved across the industry.

The built environment can be a challenging place, particularly for older people, disabled people, carers, families with young children and those of us who do not consider ourselves to be disabled. The barriers can be environmental, attitudinal and organisational and are often brought about because people have not been placed at the centre of the design. Inclusive design creates solutions that provide choice and comfort for all. It delivers buildings, places and spaces that everyone can access and use easily, safely and with dignity, providing choice and convenience, and avoiding unnecessary effort, separation or segregation. An inclusive environment goes beyond meeting minimum standards or legislative requirements and recognises that everyone benefits from improved accessibility.

The CIC has embraced the need to improve the construction industry’s response to inclusive design and is this year responsible for taking the Built Environment Professional Education (BEPE) project forward - a government initiative to improve knowledge and skills in inclusive design. The newly formed BEPE Executive Board met for the first time last week.

The 2016 Award was won by 5 St Pancras Square.
The 2017 Award was won by Wycombe Leisure Centre
The 2018 Award was won by Protheroe House