The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Safety in Design (SiD)

CIC supported the development of health and safety competence, knowledge and understanding, in particular how this could be addressed in design qualifications. CIC -ConstructionSkills launched SiD – a major new health and safety initiative for designers, in 2009 with the SiD Learning Aims and Standards were been developed by CIC, as a partner in ConstructionSkills, in conjunction with Safety in Design Limited, and supported by a steering group from industry bodies and institutions. SiD provided minimum standards of knowledge and competence for designers so that they were able to work with health and safety in mind.

The SiD Learning Aims and Standards of Competence included the knowledge and competence needed to design buildings and structures that coul be not only safely built, but also safely used and maintained. These Standards had huge implications for the construction industry. The ‘Safety in Design’ Standards of Competence (CS) are supported by corresponding ‘Safety in Design’ Learning Aims (LA) – which are a more detailed expansion of knowledge requirements. These were cross-related in the two documents. In the Knowledge Evidence items in the Standards of Competence document, the italicised references (LA…) against each item refer to the corresponding items in the 3 streams of ‘Safety in Design’ Learning Aims. In the ‘Safety in Design’ Learning Aims document, the italicised references (CS…) against each item refer to the corresponding knowledge evidence items in the 2 ‘Safety in Design’ Standards of Competence.

Further information on SiD can be found here