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Speed Mentoring

Duration: 2014 - present

The first CIC 2050 Group speed mentoring event, for 20 mentors and 20 mentees, took place in June 2014, supported and hosted by Gardiner & Theobald. The evening was a great success and it received outstanding feedback from mentors and mentees alike inspiring further events across the UK since.

It is vital that the industry captures the wealth of experience and knowledge of its experts and leaders, who have spent their careers in construction, and transfers it to the next generation. The idea of speed mentoring is seen by the CIC 2050 Group as an opportunity to provide young industry professionals with access to senior professionals whom they might not otherwise get the chance to meet.

The objectives of speed mentoring are:

  • To encourage the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation
  • To provide the opportunity for those in the early stages of their careers with access to leading experts
  • To promote longer term mentoring
  • To adopt the concept widely across the industry

Further information about our speed mentoring events can be found here:

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