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Appoint an Adjudicator

Please note that due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are currently only able to accept applications via email so please send the application and the notice of adjudication to

To request an appointment of an adjudicator please complete the application form. To ensure that we select someone with the most relevant expertise please provide details of:

  • the nature of the dispute
  • the parties involved
  • their full contact details (including e-mail)
  • the Notice of Adjudication


The administration fee is £350.00 (inclusive of VAT), cheques should be made payable to the Construction Industry Council and enclosed with your Application for Appointment.

The Application for the Appointment of an Adjudicator form is available in MS Word.

The nomination process

CIC will appoint an adjudicator to act on your behalf within 5 days of receipt of the request. Adjudicators will only be appointed if they:

  • have the appropriate technical background to deal with the dispute
  • are impartial to the parties involved in the dispute
  • are available immediately to take the case


The CIC ANB Complaints Procedure enables complaints to be raised about an adjudicator appointed by the CIC with the aim of maintaining the highest standards of performance from adjudicators included on the CIC Register of Adjudicators.

A complaint can be submitted by either party (or party’s representative) in an adjudication where the adjudicator has been nominated by the CIC.

The CIC will investigate a complaint in an administrative capacity about the manner in which an adjudication has been dealt with, therefore the outcome of can never be compensation or amendment of an Adjudicator’s decision.

More information on the complaints procedure can be found here

Further information

The CIC “Users’ Guide to Adjudication”, April 2017 is available here.

The CIC Model Adjudication Procedure (MAP), first to fifth editions can be purchased here.