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The CIC Consultants Contract Conditions

The CIC Consultants’ Contract Conditions is to be used for the appointment of consultants on major building projects.

The CIC Consultants’ Contract is printed in two volumes:
Volume 1: Parts 1-6, The CIC Consultants’ Contract Conditions, comprising of the Form of Agreement and Guidance.
Volume 2: Part 7, the CIC Scope of Services.

The Contract is intended for experienced clients working with experienced consultants on major building projects, primarily in the UK. It can be used by either employers or design and build contractors and any for the appointment of any discipline of consultant.

It has been drafted with the aim of striking a fair balance between the interests of the client and the consultant. The objective is to make available a contract which is acceptable in the institutional market, but with which consultants and their insurers are comfortable.

Where the Consultants’ Contract is used on a project, it should be used for the appointment of all the consultants. This will mean that all team members are subject to consistent terms, will owe the same duty of care and will be under similar obligations in respect of co-operation, sharing of information, coordination of design and the like.

Vitally, the services team members are to provide will be fully integrated by using the CIC Scope of Services (Part 7)

When the CIC Scope of Services (Part 7) have been assembled for the particular project, all the consultants will have details of the services to be performed by the other team members.

The contract is designed to be flexible enough to fit a range of construction procurement methods, including traditional, design and build and construction management.