The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

First session  - 16 November 2015

Independent view - NOTES

  1. Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate Rachel Morris, Chief Executive and  Ian Carey, Past President 
  2. Local Authoritiy Building Control - Paul Everall, Chief Executive, Philip Hammond, Managing Director and Barry Turner, Director of Technical Policy
  3. MD Insurance Services LtdRob Clay-Parker and James Bush, Managing Directors
  4. Zero Carbon HubRob Pannell, Managing Director, Ross Holleron, Project Director
  5. Royal Institute of British Architects - Andrew Forth

Second session - 23 November 2015

Consumer perspective  NOTES

  1. British Research EstablishmentChris Cousins, BRE Associate
  2. Wingrove LawGeoff Peter
  3. Houseplanning Help Ben Adam-Smith
  4. Barry Grossmith and Cornelius Jeronimus 
  5. Phil Waller 

Third session - 7 December 2015

Housing and professional bodies view - NOTES

  1. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - David McCullogh, Group Director Building Control and Sustainability at Carillion
  2. Home Builders FederationPeter Andrew, Deputy Chairman
  3. National House Building CouncilLewis Sidnick, Head of Corporate and External Affairs Ian Davis, Operations Director
  4. Chartered Institute of Building -  Stephen Wielebski, CIOB Fellow
  5. Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors - Paul Wilkins, Chair and Diane Marshall, Treasurer

Fourth session  - 14 December 2015

Doing things differently - NOTES

  1. Leeds Sustainability Institute, Centre for the Built Environment - Prof Chris Gorse
  2. Dr Stephen and Mrs Elisabeth Watkins  - New Home Quality Legislation 
    Draft Outline of New Home Quality Legislation 
  3. Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists - Kevin Crawford, Vice President Technical
  4. Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers AssociationSarah Kostense-Winterton, Executive Director and Steven Heath, Policy Committee Chairman
  5. BLP Insurance - Vim Vernau, Chief Executive and Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy