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Growth Through BIM


This report examines the scale and shape of the market in the UK and worldwide; the basis for BIM-driven growth; the outlook for BIM development to 2020; impacts on the members of the value chain; and the strategy for growth through BIM.

Saxon looks at the expanding markets (mostly in the developing world) and the countries where the demand growth will come from; the key players in terms of BIM enabled skills; and the anticipated monetary values of this growth to 2020. His findings include:

  • BIM’s future is now significantly in the UK’s hands: – the USA dominates the vendor and user markets but the intellectual horsepower and momentum behind BIM is now British and the UK’s Level 2 BIM Policy, Soft Landings and Digital Built Britain concepts and Open Data approach are world leading.
  • BIM provides an opportunity for the UK to lead current EU construction policy development.
  • BIM will be a route to growth from projects in developing countries, which need to import design and construction services.
  • BIM is seen as part of the conversion to a SMART economy where data is collected and used to optimise performance and economy.
  • BIM adoption throughout project cycles from inception to occupancy represents a significant opportunity for economic growth, through the removal of risk and time, and therefore cost, and the enhancement of service provided.
  • BIM will also enable returning demand after the recession to be met with less inflationary pressure.