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Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning


"I will have failed if in 5 years time there are not many more people using public transport and far fewer journeys by car. It's a tall order but I urge you to hold me to it." - John Prescott, June 1997.

So what has happened? Transport is now high on the political agenda. Past complacency by all political parties has turned to commitment. Promises are being made, and if improvements aren't delivered by the time of the next election, not only will some heads roll but it seems the balance of power in Parliament will change. The public now want improvements - they demand them - whether it's on the railways, on the roads or on the buses. They are fed up with talk and dogma and about jam tomorrow: they want action now and to see an end to jams today."Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning" is a major new independent report which provides an objective and constructive critique of the Government's current transport and land use policies. It outlines: the major faults with and misunderstandings about the current strategies and thinking; the changes that need to be made to the current strategy; the actions that need to be taken to improve the current transport situation; the dangers of continuing with the current strategy - politically, socially, economically and nationally. This report presents 24 changes that should be made to the Government's strategies and provides a clear explanation of how these changes should be implemented in society.The changes include: refocusing investment to where it will do greater good to partnership agreements between all the rail parties; greater innovation and motivation among professionals to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion; emphasis on mixed development to help reduce the demand for travel and reduce journey lengths; and local authorities and central government being set targets for congestion reduction and to publish the results at regular intervals. "Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning" aims to be a turning point in the country's approach to improved transportation and land use planning for the good of the industry, the public and the environment. This report will be essential reading for transport planners, engineers, architects, politicians and the public at large.

Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning: The Facts, Fiction, Fallacies and Future for the Government's Integrated Transport and Land Use Planning Strategies. Publisher: ICE Publishing ISBN-10: 0727731270