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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I find details of recommended hourly pay rates for construction workers A: UCATT Website: on the home page, right hand menu, 'Industry News- Private'. Other items lower down on same side.

The Working Rule Agreement is published by the Construction Industry Joint Council and copies are available from CIP Limited. Website:

Q: Where can I obtain a Health & Safety Policy as a small builder? 
A: If you employ less than 5 operatives you don’t need one by law. However, it might be wise to have one anyway. If you employ 5 or more people you are obliged by law to have one. You should contact the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) at: or call: 0845 345 0055. 

You may find the following links helpful before you do so. The first is an example H&S policy, which you can tailor to suit your circumstances. The second provides very detailed general guidance on H&S including H&S Policy documents.

Q: What are the contact details for CITB helpdesk 
A: Tel: 0344 994 4400

Q: Where would I find information about Card Schemes? 

Q: Is there a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) helpdesk?
 If you want to apply for a CSCS card call 0844 248 5262 If you have questions or comments about the scheme call 0844 576 8777 or visit

Q: How do I obtain a CSCS card. 
A: Full information can be found on the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) website.

Q: Where can I find out about the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) The tax system for the construction industry
A: Tel:0845 366 7899

Q: What’s happened to the NJCBI (National Joint Council for the Building Industry) repository for historical apprenticeship indentures? 
A: This was the organisation that administered the apprenticeship scheme, but CITB has now taken over the role. Contact Tel: 0870 410 3556

Q: Where can I find information and statistics on the construction sector?
The Business, Innovation, Skills (BIS) website, Construction section  

Q: Where can I find information on the various careers available in construction?
 The Be Constructive website is aimed at young people.

Q: I am thinking of purchasing a house and hoping to convert it into two flats. Can you point me in the right direction as to who are the relevant people to contact and what regulations I would need to be following. I would be employing a main contractor to carry out any modifications that are necessary.
 There are several options. You could employ an architect or architectural technologist. Contact Royal Institute British Architects or Chartered Insitute of Architectural Technologists. Another option would be to take advice from a building surveyor by contacting the Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors. You could obtain advice from your local authority planning and building control department, or from an Approved Inspector (the private alternative to LA building control). A list of Approved Inspectors can be found here.

Q: I am interested in joinery and would like to take up an NVQ, do you know which one is most appropriate?
For all queries regarding trades within the Craft disciplines please contact CITB on 0344 994 4400 or visit 

Q: I am interested in taking the Built Environment Design NVQ, please can you send me a complete copy of the qualification?
 Copies of all the NVQs in the Built Environment suite are now available at the SSDA website where full versions of all the relevant qualifications are readily available for usage.

Q: I am an Architect and wish to be able to work on site with a CSCS card, please can you tell if the Professionally Qualified Persons card is relevant to my profession?
 For information regarding the rules for the Professionally Qualified Persons card and a list of Professional Institutions who's Members fulfill the appropriate criteria please click here

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