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A STEP towards integrating use of Occupational Standards

Posted: 4th November 2003

CIC are proud to announce the launch of STEP (Standards, Training and Education for Progression) the fully interactive information and guidance tool to the industry’s higher level Occupational Standards and National Vocational Qualifications/Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/SVQ’s). It is of particular use, but not exclusively, for those who are new to Occupational Standards.

STEP brings together guidance developed through years of Occupational Standards related projects and research led by CIC and the former CISC. It is the final output of the CIC Progression Project which sought to assist Professional and Academic Institutions in mapping their qualification requirements to Occupational Standards.
If you are searching for information or guidance on Standards, Training, Education, linkages between the three, or information about the CIC Progression Project, STEP should provide the information you need.

STEP has been developed so that it is easy for you to view the information you want when you want it, and access further information via links to other websites. Therefore, whilst it is possible to download STEP to save onto your hard-drive, or to print it, we do advise you to view STEP whilst online to enable you to use the links to access the information you need.

STEP is accessible from the CIC Standards Panel website at