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APM Chartered standard consultation

Posted: 29th August 2017

The Chartered Association of Project Managers (APM) will create and maintain a Register of Chartered Project Professionals in accordance with the terms of its Royal Charter and By-Laws.

The proposed Chartered standard presents what APM considers the public and industry will need and expect in the future from project professionals.

This reflects the technical knowledge and professional experience that project professionals must demonstrate along with a commitment to continued professional development and ethical behaviour to achieve the internationally recognised standard of a chartered professional.

Consultation process

Before completing the consultation, please read the consultation information, which explains how the draft Chartered standard was developed. The proposed standard is intended to meet the requirements of industry and encapsulate the key competencies required by the profession and enhance the public interest over the longer term.

APM is seeking informed feedback from interested parties, employers and stakeholders, which will be considered and help formulate the final standard and routes to achieving it.

Consultation deadline

This consultation was issued on 31 July 2017. Responses must be received by
22 September 2017.

Response to the consultation

Please note APM does not intend to respond individually to responses received. We will publish a summary of consultation responses. We also may wish to publish unattributed excerpts from some responses as examples.