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CIC Launch the CIC Consultants’ Contract and Scope of Services

Posted: 7th December 2007

On 10th December, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) will publish the CIC Consultants’ Contract and Scope of Services. The contract is a major new multi-disciplinary form for use across the UK by experienced clients (employers or design and build contractors) appointing teams of consultants on major building projects. It allows professional services firms to be engaged on the same terms.
The CIC Scope of Services sets out the tasks to be undertaken by all members of the project team undertaking the design and definition process (design, cost, programme, health & safety etc) – not just the consultants. No longer is the design work undertaken by consultants separated from design work undertaken by others. The Services can therefore be used for the appointment of consultants on the CIC Conditions or for the appointment of specialists and contractors on other forms of contract.

The tasks, set out in a series of tables, are allocated to whoever is to undertake them – consultants, specialists or contractors – depending upon the contractual arrangements and responsibilities. The result is a set of services that are fully integrated across all disciplines and roles, where participants know what they are to do and what is expected of others as well.

The Rt Hon Nick Raynsford MP, Chairman of CIC, said, “I’m delighted that this new contract for the appointment of those providing professional services is to be launched during my chairmanship of the Construction Industry Council. The contract, taken with the integrated Services, is a significant development in the industry; it facilitates the full co-ordination and integration of the activities of all participants on a project. The approach is unique in that it looks at the services undertaken by the whole project team – not only consultants, but specialists and contractors as well. I commend its adoption as a significant contribution to the Strategic Forum for Construction’s integration agenda.”

“The construction professions have long needed a joined up approach to the services they offer. The CIC Scopes of Services will be a boon in defining the tasks which clients and project teams undertake, whilst the Conditions will offer clients seamless appointments amongst their consultants. As a lifelong champion of integrated practice, I welcome the potential for all practice to become more integrated,” commented Richard Saxon CBE, RIBA Vice President and former chairman of BDP.

CIC Consultants’ Contract Package-Conditions, Services and Handbook can be purchased together or individually from