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CIC supports call for upfront design in PFI

Posted: 2nd April 2006

The Construction Industry Council has expressed its full support for the RIBA’s Smart PFI initiative which has led to the Treasury’s statement that it wishes to see greater design work at the early stages of PFI projects.

Graham Watts , Chief Executive of CIC said “The RIBA’s Smart PFI initiative encapsulates concepts that have been developing within the CIC Procurement Panel for a few years and provides a vehicle for establishing the vital relationship between upfront design and good briefing at the very early stages of PFI projects”

Jack Pringle, President of the RIBA said “We are pleased that we have been able to play a part in bringing design to the forefront of PFI best practice, and make the most of the Government’s investment in our future school and hospital building”.

CIC has been actively seeking to improve the PFI process since its inception and enable greater participation for CIC members in the process. Concerns about design quality, excessive bid costs, working at risk and the general treatment of risk have been recurrent themes. A greater emphasis on design at an earlier stage of PFI projects will not only improve the process but also the quality of buildings produced.