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Summary of CIC East Seminar ‘Delivering Growth in Hard Times’

Posted: 9th December 2008

The third in a series of CIC East Discussions had 5 speakers with 65 in attendance. The speakers, from disciplines covering a wide spectrum of the construction industry, covered a range of issues linked to the question of how will we deliver growth in the current economic climate.

Aspects such as how we should plan, fund and deliver projects were considered along with the issue of whether quality will be achieved and the importance of sustainability. Thought was also paid to the need to maintain and enhance skill levels within the industry and to be prepared for the upturn.
The panel debate was lively with discussion centres around the following issues;

• Whether the increasing emphasis on public investment could lead to social housing being brought forward and the possibility of ‘ghettoisation’.
• Is the current financial crisis a mirror for a potential future climate crisis and can we hold on to sustainability?
• Can we facilitate the current economic models to create the market we want or need?
• Would the planning system prevent Government in its desires to fastrak projects and would any acceleration be a risk to due democratic process?
• Do the supply-side have the capacity to meet Government plans?
• Whether there is hope of up-skilling people to refurbish the existing building stock?
• Is investment in housing a sustainable way of promoting growth?
• Concerning sustainable standards, is industry ahead of Government?