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What Next For The CLC?

Posted: 10th August 2015

In recent weeks there has been a lot of news about the composition of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the Government’s decision not to appoint a new Chief Construction Adviser. Like me you are probably wondering what all this means for Construction 2025, the Industrial Strategy launched in July 2013, which set out a vision of government and industry working together to promote the success of the UK construction sector. So what do these announcements and the change of government mean for Construction 2025 going forward and where does that leave our ambitions?

Well, the good news is, you don’t have long to wait for the answers! At theConstruction Industry Summit in September, Peter Hansford will provide a Key Note update on the Strategy, the formation of the new CLC, what its priorities are, and how the industry members of the CLC will take the work forward.

This Summit is led by Industry for Industry and has the support of key Government departments such as the Cabinet Office and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Working together we have created a programme which supports the direction of travel of Construction 2025 and starts to talk about how the sector can lead on delivering solutions to some of the major challenges we face.

Our aim across the two days of the event is a mix of healthy debate on key topics, as well as practical takeaways about how you and your business can look differently at addressing some of the key challenges.

Peter Hansford on Social Media

I caught up with Peter last week and he told me he was getting into Twitter now@HansfordPeter and was tweeting more about the Summit as well as other things. He also said that he had to specifically state in his profile that his 'Retweets are not necessarily endorsements' . Looking at his RTs it would suggest that he doesn't necessarily endorse England winning the Ashes or Saracens Rugby Club over the past few weeks, so I was particularly delighted to see his endorsement of the Summit!

I asked Peter if he was posting anything on LinkedIn and he replied that he was still unconvinced about its merits so I told him my thoughts about being able to write something longer than a tweet with a bit more thought in it and how much easier it is to share information with a 'Like' or a 'Comment' or to engage with an audience on a key topic.

I'm sure Peter will come around to LinkedIn like he has to Twitter but don't count on a 'Like' counting as an endorsement!


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