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You love construction. Tell people why

Posted: 31st July 2013

Construction News has been inviting everyone in construction to collaborate to create a stronger, more positive brand for the industry under a ‘Love Construction’ banner.

The aim is to tap into the industry’s passion, taking personal stories as a starting point to promote a vibrant, diverse industry, under a common brand, across the entire industry.

The campaign, which has taken hold on social media since the start of July, comes after the publication of the industrial strategy, Construction 2025. The strategy asked the industry and the government to work together to improve construction’s image, particularly to young people who might consider joining the industry.

In her editorial, Construction News editor Rebecca Evans challenged people working in construction to take responsibility for change, asking what image they wanted the industry to have and inviting them to share the reasons they love construction. Within just the first week, the call had generated well over 300 responses.

Rebecca said: “The construction industry does so many exciting things, and it is bursting with talented, passionate people who love what they do. Unfortunately, people outside the industry often don’t realise how brilliant construction is. With the Love Construction campaign we hope to go some way to change that.”

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You love construction. Tell people why.