The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Policy Development in CIC

Policy development within CIC takes place in several ways: trends are monitored; information researched; ideas collated and; guidance provided to members. A network of contacts is maintained which includes members of parliament, leading civil servants and experts within specific areas.

The development of ideas occurs through basic research on trends; as a result of feedback from our members; via our regional network and through our specialist committees. A two way flow of information is generated which conveys the collective expertise and needs of the CICmembership to all levels of government.

Much of the detailed development of policy takes place within specialist committees, comprised of panels of experts drawn from the CIC membership. These committees meet at regular intervals and where a speedy response is required, special task forces are set up within the committees to respond quickly to developing situations. Sometimes to influence specific policy areas, a committee will hold workshop or seminar on a topic which is of specific interest to our members.

Viewed from a wider perspective, the task of policy development involves assembling information which is then processed in a variety of ways. Information is gathered from a range of sources and fed into consultation responses, select committee inquiries or filtered to Government directly by letters or through meetings.

Informing CIC members is a major policy task. Members are alerted to consultations produced by Government departments (mainly BIS and CLG) and in relation to major developments, responses are prepared to these consultations. Guidance is also provided. Documents produced range from short items such as newsletters and briefings to a major manifesto, produced before the last election.