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Remote Workforce Management

How often do you hear people saying, “There’s just not enough hours in the day?” The workplace is becoming more and more demanding, so it is essential to ensure that employees have the structures, skills and techniques to adopt productive and sustainable ways of working.

This becomes even more important as we recognise that remote working and working from home will become increasingly ‘the norm’.

How do you maximise the benefits of working remotely and simultaneously minimise the risks?
Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 the number of organisations deciding to work remotely was only rising very slowly. Executives and Directors were reluctant to offer their employees flexible working arrangements. For most this was a matter of belief, trust, or fear. When the virus forced organisations to let employees work from home many were pleasantly surprised how well it worked. This created the motivation for change.

However, whether you or your people work in an office or work from home there are pro’s & cons to both. So it is important you can answer questions like:

  • When you switch from working in an office to working from home or remotely. Some things change and some things don’t. What are they?
  • How do I ensure my employees remain focused, motivated, and productive when working remotely?
  • In what way does the role of leaders & managers change?
  • How can I minimise the main risks & downsides?
  • How do I maximise & maintain the benefits?

SNH have been successfully working remotely for over 15 years and can help you to do the same. SNH are a virtual company running programmes (many of which are virtual) to help you learn how to work and manage remotely.

SNH can help you with areas such as:

If you are going to provide support in this area to your leaders, managers & other employees, wouldn’t you prefer this to come from people who had already “done the hard yards”.

To find out more about the most effective and efficient ways to manage remote teams, join one of our free webinars.