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BIM - SMEs saying for it themselves

Posted: 25th April 2013

BIM4SMEs is a working group made up of individual organisations from different sector backgrounds within the industry, from: SME contractors, specialist sub-contracts, architects, FM providers and construction bodies etc. All these organisations are SMEs or have a key interest in ensuring SMEs are well informed and recognised for their advancing of Building Information Modelling within the SME Community.

Responding to the need to raise awareness of BIM to the SME community, the BIM4SME working group has developed a poster campaign as a method of reinforcing the benefits of BIM implementation within organisations. The campaign creates a highly visual and high impact promotion through genuine and independent advice and guidance from trusted and real life SME organisations / people / sole proprietors etc.

This ongoing campaign would welcome any SMEs who wish to share their thoughts of those using BIM but also those that have yet to start the journey. Purpose of the campaign is to hear from real people with real messages.

You will see these posters over and over again so keep your eye out for them.

Any SMEs who may have a message they would like to share, then please contact BIM4SME by clicking here.