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BIM Ambassador for Growth appointed

Posted: 18th July 2012

Richard Saxon CBE will join both the CIC Executive team and the Government’s BIM Task Group to lead a new work stream aimed at identifying how the UK can achieve ‘growth’ both at home and overseas by exploiting our World Class UK BIM success. He is to be joined by a supporting resource looking at the civil engineering and infrastructure sectors. The BIM Task Group leads the public sector implementation of the Government Construction Strategy mandate that all government construction projects will be undertaken using BIM Level 2 by 2016. The recruitment follows recognition by both the Rt Hon Francis Maude MP and Mark Prisk MP at the recent ‘Government Construction Summit’ that BIM set within a positive whole sector initiative would act as an strong catalyst for growth.

In welcoming Richard’s appointment, Task Group Chair Mark Bew, MBE said ‘Right from the early days of developing the ‘BIM Strategy’ we highlighted that the widespread adoption of BIM in the domestic market had potential to support and promote our sector’s international image and reputation and to act as a stimulus for ‘growth’. The reality is that BIM is the point at which many of the measures contained in the Government Construction Strategy come together and the sector is beginning to reorganise itself to focus on vital deliverables of cutting cost, carbon and improving quality. It is clear to me that we are rapidly reaching a tipping point where BIM becomes ‘mainstream’ within the sector. As our maturity in BIM utilisation rapidly expands in both the public and private demand-side sectors and creates the foundation for a ‘whole sector’ initiative the time is now right to explore how the UK can turn our BIM success in the domestic market in to international advantage.’

Graham Watts, OBE Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council said ‘I am delighted that Richard has accepted this appointment to join the CIC team. Richard has a long experience with 3D modelling and BIM and co-authored one of the first papers on BIM for the then DTI which began the process of building a compelling case for the BIM Strategy that has since been adopted.’

Richard Saxon said ‘The UK now has an internationally competitive approach to construction and it can deliver growth from the exported professional and construction services and also stimulate the domestic market’ He added ‘ I will seek to work closely with UKTI, other agencies and industry in this role and I would like to spend time looking at both the construction, consultancy, knowledge and software/systems growth potential’.

In his new role Richard Saxon will be:

• Exploring opportunities where UK business can develop opportunity for growth
• Exploring opportunities with UK BIM software start-up organisations
• Leading efforts to ensure that the revised European Union procurement directive allows the desired outcome for the UK;
• Tracking key international developments in BIM to enable the UK to maintain a leading position in the market.