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A New Offshore Wind Turbine Project comes to Norfolk

Posted: 11th October 2022

Constructionarium is a not-for-profit organisation based within a 19-acre bespoke training facility in Norfolk. Over the past 19 years, its core business has been to provide essential practical programmes for Built Environment students in higher and further education who lack practical application by “Turning Theory Into Practice”.

With academic institutions attending year on year from the UK and US, its success has seen over 1400 students take part in this unique learning since 2003. Working as part of a team to construct a scaled replica of an iconic project from around the world, students have learnt technical, practical, and employability skills in an environment that replicates the industry in which they are headed.

As part of their sustainability strategy, Constructionarium are in the process of decarbonising their site and projects, alongside launching new renewable projects. Friday saw the conclusion of one of their pilots – an offshore wind turbine project called “AngliaZero”.

Delegates construct a 7.7m high semi-submersible platform, mast, and turbine in a dry dock. After flooding the dock, the platform is towed into position to predefined co-ordinates. Once in the correct mooring location, the turbine is connected to land and commissioned into use. The output controls a domestic appliance in a “house” constructed as part of the project. The integrity of the system is checked and verified by a “Client” which draws the week’s learning to a conclusion.

This project was funded through the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund, by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and was one of five projects commissioned this year as part of the Road to Net Zero Business Support Programme’s Challenge Fund. Constructionarium were delighted that Ellen Goodwin, Infrastructure Manager for New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership was able to undertake the official switch on. The power generated from AngliaZero immediately provided power to heat the simulated house she was in. Ellen said “Being able to fund such a unique learning opportunity is fantastic. This project, the first we are aware of, will enable the current and future generations to learn about this technology and how offshore power can contribute to the UK Government’s Net Zero pledge. Having this unique project locally reflects the infrastructure technology that is going on right now around the Norfolk and Suffolk all-energy coast and is a tremendous asset to the region.”

Julia Stevens, Chief Exec of Constructionarium, said “Constructionarium is the first UK organisation able to offer an offshore learning experience. This project will teach students, new entrants or non-technical personnel, the practical application of this technology. Constructionarium’s AngliaZero project sits next to our Solar Technology training and within a suite of renewable energy training opportunities planned at Bircham Newton. We are delighted that it is now available to be booked.”

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