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After Grenfell Update from CIC Chief Executive

Posted: 4th August 2017

Grenfell Tower Site Visit
I was escorted around the site of the fire. It was a very humbling experience. I met many people deeply affected by the fire, including former residents, now survivors, of the Tower. People are deeply traumatised and highly suspicious of anyone from the construction industry. There is a great deal of concern about residual issues, such as smoke exposure, air quality and mental health, as well, of course, as housing, bereavement support, covering the tower and accessing possessions still inside the tower; within the 33 properties that were largely undamaged. Many, many issues that provide an enveloping human context to the tragedy.

Fire Test Report – DCLG BS 8414 test no. 1
The Department for Communities & Local Government published, yesterday, the official report on the first large scale test, which shows how Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) panels in combination with foam insulation, behave in a fire. The full 46-page report can be accessed here.

Advice for building owners following the first test
The DCLG has issued advice for building owners on the large-scale wall system test with ACM with unmodified polyethylene filler, and foam insulation. This can be accessed here.

Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety
As reported yesterday, the DCLG and the Home Office have jointly announced an independent review of building regulations and fire safety, to be conducted by Dame Judith Hackitt, a former Chair of the HSE and now Chair of the Engineering Employers’ Federation. A press release announcing the review is here.

Industry Response Group
The Industry Response Group is meeting weekly (four meetings have so far been held) and is advising on the broad range of issues covered in this update together with the industry’s capacity to meet new demands following the large scale fire systems test.

Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry
Sir Martin Moore-Bick has now held all three meetings to consult on the Terms of Reference for his Inquiry. CIC has had someone at each meeting. We have submitted an early paper regarding the scope of the Public inquiry, which is attached, and our proposal has been welcomed. Details of the Public Inquiry are here.

The Workshops to begin the process of developing the CIC Report start on Monday. Members will have been invited to register separately. Monday’s workshop is now full.

Fire Safety Digest
CIC is continuing to issue the Fire Safety Digest on a regular basis. If you are not receiving this, and wish to do so, please click here.