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Becoming a Volunteer Magistrate

Posted: 2nd March 2022

Could you be a volunteer magistrate? Are you looking for a way of learning new skills and giving back to your community that fits in with your working life?

The Ministry of Justice is looking to recruit over 4,000 new magistrates as part of a national recruitment drive. You can find out more here. Magistrates are volunteers from all walks of life who hear cases in courts in their community. They can hear cases in the criminal court, the family court, or both. You don’t need any special qualifications or experience to be a magistrate – you are given all the training you need, plus ongoing support. You just need to be between 18 and 70 and prepared to give up at least 13 days a year for five years.

As your employer, we’re happy to talk to you about how you can make volunteering as a magistrate fit in alongside your work and would be excited to support you in this critical work