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CIC announce re-launch of the Standards Training and Education for Progression Manual

Posted: 10th September 2006

CIC are pleased to announce the re-launch of STEP (Standards, Training and Education for Progression) the fully interactive information and guidance tool for the industry’s higher level Occupational Standards and National Vocational Qualifications/Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/SVQ’s) and potential links and progression between different education, training and qualification routes. It provides information for those new to Occupational Standards, as well as dedicated guidance for individuals, employers in the Built Environment sector, education and training providers and professional bodies.

STEP brings together guidance developed through 12 years of Occupational Standards related projects and research led by CIC and the former CISC. The latest version has been updated by CIC with input from representatives of sector skills council partners as well as academic and professional experts. The Progression Pathways Project was funded by the Sector Skills Development Agency, led by CIC as a partner in ConstructionSkills

The latest version contains a myriad of information and guidance on a wide variety of aspects of standards and qualifications and their application to organisations and individuals across the industry. New and updated sections include information on the emerging qualification frameworks and processes being developed at European, national and sector level, including the work of the Sector Skills Councils. Other new material includes information on professional body involvement including CPD, new Occupational Standards user applications for clients, employers, education providers and individuals and information on the costing of NVQ/SVQs.

STEP has been developed to provide easy direct access to the information, supplemented by links to further information on other websites. STEP had been designed to be explored in a non linear way so that you can choose which information you want to access as you need it, and links are provided to relevant external websites. Therefore, whilst it is possible to download STEP to save onto your hard-drive, or to print it, it is advisable to view STEP whilst online to enable the interactive links to be used.
STEP is accessible from the CIC Occupational Standards Panel website at