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CIC Chair visit to CIC Northern Ireland Regional Committee

Posted: 3rd February 2023

The Northern Ireland CIC regional committee, also known as Construction Professionals Council for Northern Ireland (CPCNI) welcomed CIC Chair Justin Sullivan for a two day visit to the Province.

During his visit Justin joined a delegation meeting with the CEO and senior members of the Construction and Procurement Delivery unit (CPD), part of the Northern Ireland Department of Finance, to discuss some of the current issues facing construction professionals working with the Public Sector. In the evening Justin attended the January Regional Committee meeting and at the subsequent dinner was able give those present an update on the current and future work of the CIC across the UK.

All present agreed that this was a valuable opportunity not only to meet and allow the Regional Committee to directly engage with the CIC Chair, but for the Chair to learn about the issues facing those working in the region and we look forward to hosting Dr Wei Yang when she becomes CIC's next Chair.