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CIC gets more involved in School Design

Posted: 17th January 2006

Through its recent development of the DQI for Schools CIC has been invited to sit on the Department for Education and Skills (DfES)’s new School Design Advisory Council (SDAC). The SDAC, which also has membership from the RIBA, BRE, CABE, 4Ps and other bodies involved in school design, aims to act as a focus for the DfES’s school building design policy.

The capital programme for schools has increased recently and will remain at a high level over the next 15-20 years; this is an opportunity to produce well designed schools that provide inspiring learning and community facilities for children, young people and their families.

The SDAC will be more than just a discussion forum. It will take an active part in improving school design. It will also act as an ideas forum; identifying what issues should be addressed by Government policy and by design partners.

It will help to avoid duplication of projects and open up the possibility of joint working and also act as a design review and evaluation mechanism – to ensure the advice and guidance given by DfES and design partners is joined-up and appropriate.