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CIC response to COVID-19 outbreak

Posted: 30th March 2020

Industry Task Force

Graham Watts, the Chief Executive of the CIC, is part of the industry Task Force.

The Task Force has been set up to work with BEIS and Government ‘to protect the current and future of the construction industry.’ The CEOs of a small number of organisations, including CIC, have been invited to form the task force, which will meet on a virtual basis with full-time resource. It will respond to a remit provided by the Construction Leadership Council and will be badged as the CLC Industry Task Force. The Task Force has been asked to report daily to the Construction Minister and the chair of the CLC for guidance and to provide updates, and it is likely to have a Communications sub-group to keep the industry and media updated.

Any members or recipients with information, data and/or ideas that may be helpful to the work of this task force please contact the Chief Executive on .

Coronavirus Digests

The CIC has begun issuing frequent Coronavirus digests with the latest government advice and updates from the construction industry. Recipients are encouraged to cascade the digest throughout their own networks.

We are updating the Coronavirus Digest with information regularly and issuing as soon as there is enough information to communicate.

So far, we have published 11 issues of the Coronavirus digest. They are each available here:

If you have news for the Digest or would like to subscribe, please contact Kitty on .

Social Media

For more immediate information please ask to connect with Graham Watts on Linked-In or follow @CICCEO and @CICTweet on twitter.