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CIC ’s response to the tsunami disaster

Posted: 14th January 2005

The CIC ’s thoughts are with all those affected by the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. Whilst CIC does not have either an international or a disaster-relief remit, we do have a remit for co-ordinating and encouraging collaborative effort from the professional communities within the UK industry.
We would encourage any construction professionals who have expertise that may be of value in helping to provide relief in the disaster-hit areas of the Indian Ocean to contact either RedR or the BCCB, as appropriate to ascertain whether the help is needed and how it might best be delivered.

Some of CIC’s members have issued statements or have set up working parties to identify areas where they can provide help and/or assistance and as a mechanism for co-ordination and knowledge exchange we have established a special web-page on the CIC website to summarise these various activities.