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CIC seeks new Chair of Diversity Panel

Posted: 24th July 2013

The Construction Industry Council is seeking to appoint a member of one if its constituent organisations to chair its Diversity Panel.

The appointment will be made by the Executive Board of CIC and will be for an initial three-year term.

Nominations may be made by any member organisation of CIC or by any individual. The nominee must be a member of one of the 31 organisations in Full Membership of CIC (see for a full list or contact

The Diversity Panel is one of a number of specialist committees and panels maintained by CIC. All panels are appointed by the Council and report to the Council via the Executive Board. By agreement of members all specialist panels and committees are subject to re-approval by members at the Annual General Meeting.

The current terms of reference of the Diversity Panel are:

• Advise Council and the Executive Board, on issues relating to diversity and equal opportunities;

• Link and co-ordinate the diversity activities of CIC members and other associated bodies of the construction industry.

• Identify and promote diversity policy and activities in the construction industry, to benefit society. Encourage their implementation, funding, dissemination and exploitation, including strategic aspects.

• Improve the perception and image of the construction industry through the promotion of diversity good practice

Nominations must include a brief CV of the nominee. Self-nominations are acceptable. Applicants may be required to attend a discussion with representatives of the Executive Board.

The Diversity Panel meets on approximately four occasions per year – meetings are always in the afternoon and generally held at the CIC offices in Central London.

This is a voluntary position and no salary or fee will be paid.

Nominations are welcome on behalf of any individual member of a Full member of CIC, irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity.

Nominations should be made no later than 7 September 2013 and should be sent to:

Mr Graham Watts OBE
Chief Executive
Construction Industry Council
26 Store Street

All nominations will be treated in the strictest confidence