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CIC showcases manifestos from across the built environment

Posted: 10th June 2024

Ahead of the UK general election in July, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has published a pivotal document sharing its member manifestos from the Built Environment. This one-page document highlights the collective policy asks and priorities of CIC's diverse membership, underscoring the construction sector’s vital role in shaping national policy and driving economic growth.

CIC members have identified several key areas where the built environment sector can significantly contribute to national priorities such as decarbonisation, housing provision, and infrastructure. Asks within the manifestos include prioritising retrofit for homes, developing a robust plan to tackle the construction skills crisis and bolstering the planning system so it can meet demands for housing and infrastructure.

CIC Chair, Dr Wei Yang commented on this publication saying, "As we approach the next general election, it is crucial that the voices of the built environment sector are heard and our contributions recognised. This document succinctly presents the policy asks from our members that will enable our sector to thrive and continue playing a pivotal role in the UK's economic and social fabric."

CIC urges all political parties to consider these recommendations and integrate them into their election platforms. By doing so, the future government can ensure that the construction industry gets the priority is deserves a cornerstone of national development and progress.

Please click here to download the document.