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CIC welcomes BPIC Network as an Associate Member

Posted: 6th May 2021

CIC is delighted to welcome the Black Professionals in Construction Network (BPIC) as an Associate Member. The BPIC Network is a built environment inclusion business working with industry organisations to improve ethnic minority representation as well as retention within the Built Environment. Its membership of CIC will enable black professionals – at all levels – to engage directly within the Council’s many areas of activity.

The mutual intention of both CIC and BPIC is to create an aspirational platform for young black men and women who are seeking to join the built environment professions.

BPIC’s tag line is ‘Stronger Together’ and CIC’s is ‘Built Environment Professions Together’ and this synergy of aspiration will be put to the mutual task of increasing the talent coming into the industry by improving the attraction and accessibility of the built environment professions to young black people. With BPIC’s engagement with CIC will lead to further collaboration to address this crucial issue.

Amos Simbo, BPIC Chairman said of becoming a CIC Associate Member; “Our Industry is vital to our cities and communities. Having an inclusive built environment will not only help our industry but also our communities as well as attract more talent. We are excited to be working closely with CIC and this is a step forward for our industry.”

CIC Deputy Chairman Justin Sullivan welcomed BPIC saying; “We can all do this so much better, and having BPIC together with CIC is a step forwards, onwards and upwards.”