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Considerate Constructors Scheme announces 2017 monitoring Checklist

Posted: 6th January 2017

The Checklist, which came into effect on 1 January 2017, is the key method which Scheme Monitors use to assess and score sites, companies and suppliers’ performance against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

The Scheme has identified two pressing issues requiring a more concerted effort from the construction industry – tackling illegal working and improving road safety.

Although the 2017 Checklist has undergone minor changes in all five sections, there are new questions within the Specific Data section - which captures key information and identifies trends within the industry. The first set of questions have been introduced to encourage sites, companies and supply chains to examine how they are ensuring the legitimacy of their workforce:

  • Are there processes in place to ensure subcontractors (and subsequent subcontractors) are conducting right to work checks?
  • Are physical spot checks conducted to ensure minimum standards of right to work checks are taking place within the supply chain?

Two questions have also been added to encourage greater adoption of a more considerate road safety culture. The questions assess the extent to which CLOCS - the national standard for Construction Logistics and Community Safety - is embedded across Scheme-registered sites, companies and suppliers.

  • Is the company a CLOCS Champion?
  • Is this site operating to the requirements of the CLOCS Standard?

This enhancement to the Checklist will gauge the level to which those registered with the Scheme are helping to raise safety standards for every road user and pedestrian affected by construction vehicles. Recognising this important industry standard for the protection of vulnerable road users has been part of the Scheme’s monitoring Checklist for a number of years. In October, the Scheme became a partner in delivering the CLOCS Standard, further strengthening its support of this important initiative.

Commenting on the new Checklist, Chief Executive of the Scheme, Edward Hardy said: “With over 18,000 monitoring visits to sites, companies, and suppliers every year, the Scheme is the central part of instigating change to help raise standards and improve the image of the construction industry.

“The Scheme’s monitoring Checklists are the backbone to effecting this change, and we are pleased to be introducing greater focus on helping to address the critical issues of tackling illegal working in construction and helping to embed a culture of safety through greater adoption of the CLOCS Standard.”

Click here to read the new Checklist.