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Construction Contracting N/SVQs are updated

Posted: 15th September 2005

An important development in the field of qualifications for Construction Contracting in the UK has entered its consultation phase.

This award is a revision and development of the Construction Contracting N/SVQs. They have been designed on a ‘core and options’ basis to serve a wide range of job roles. These include people who might be considered to be office based such as estimators, quantity surveyors, buyers and planners; also people who might be considered to be site based and carry out such functions as dimensional control, surveys, physical testing and work planning. To give it greater flexibility it also includes a general route for the person who doesn’t neatly fit into one of the specified routes.

CIC has been overseeing the development work in conjunction with industry experts. The occupational standards – the building blocks of N/SVQs – have been modernised and simplified. The new structure allows candidates to build N/SVQs around common competences, to suit their own individual personal development