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Consultation on BIM National Occupational Standards

Posted: 18th August 2012

Construction Industry Council has secured funding to develop National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Building Information Modelling on behalf of the industry. BIM is an inter-disciplinary process generating and managing building data during the project life cycle from conception through to demolition.

We are seeking confirmation from the sector that the standards are fit for purpose and invite you to participate in our on line consultation.

These NOS are applicable to a wide range of professional, managerial and technical occupations across the built environment. These include the built environment design disciplines (e.g. architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, specialist design and manufacturing) as well as contracting and facility management functions.

NOS development has focussed on how BIM skills are integrated in and change current industry functions and practice. This includes common functions that affect all related occupational groups e.g. project information management, redefined project stages and inter-disciplinary working.

These standards will help to inform the development of skills curricula and qualifications across the sector.

In addition to your own feedback we would really appreciate any help you can give in publicising the consultation to your sector contacts and organisational networks from across the home nations.

The deadline for responses is 15th September 2012.