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DQI for Schools

Posted: 20th April 2008

As part of the ongoing contract between CIC and DCSF, work is currently underway in developing the front end of the DQI for Schools website in readiness for a joint re-launch with DQI later in the year. The work will involve a complete refresh of the DQI for Schools website complimented with new guidance and case studies.

In September 2007, following a tendering process, CIC commissioned Attic Media to redevelop the front end of the DQI for Schools website to better educate users and suppliers of school buildings about the DQI for Schools. The brief was to develop a more intuitive and accessible online platform of information for users of the product and the broader school community to promote early stakeholder engagement. The site would need to have its own sector specific identity to differentiate it from DQI whilst being clear that it is a DQI product.

The new DQI for Schools website will also contain ‘real time’ case studies of school projects committed to using the DQI for Schools toolkit over the whole project cycle. Visitors to the site will be able to follow school projects and read about experiences of both the DQI leaders and facilitators.