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FLUID Diversity Mentoring Programme seeks to recruit participants from industry

Posted: 11th January 2012

The FLUID, Diversity Mentoring Programme is an innovative scheme developed by RIBA’s Architects for Change (AfC) forum, and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to address the retention and development of talented practitioners from diverse backgrounds for management and leadership roles in the built environment.

The project has been developed in response to evidence gathered on diversity by CIC, AfC, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), the Government’s Fair Access to the Professions Report, the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Race Discrimination in the Construction Industry Inquiry Report in addition to other reports.

The programme will recruit from a pan-professional group of participants who, via their applications, demonstrate the drive, ambition and enthusiasm to take part in the scheme.

The Programme
The programme has been developed to address the under representation within management and leadership structures in the built environment sector,
with particular focus on:
• Women
• Black and ethnic minorities
• People with disabilities
• Those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds

Mentees who are at a key stage in their career development will be prioritised for the scheme, for example those who are progressing from:
• Student to practitioner level
• Newly qualified practitioners to junior managers
• Junior management to senior practitioners/associate and beyond
• Sole practitioners who are hoping to expand their businesses
Mentors will be selected via application and interviewed and can be recruited from professionals from within or outside of the construction industry.
Becoming a partner in the FLUID, Diversity Mentoring Project will give you the opportunity to:
• Support the aspirations and development of your members
• Promote and support the development of a diverse pool of talent to
lead and manage the future of our industry.
• Build on your organisations Equality and Diversity policy and enhance
development opportunities for the wider industry.
• Contribute and embed diversity action into the culture of your organisation.
• Help ambitious but underrepresented individuals to overcome barriers, enhance skills and progress.
• Help members who act as mentors enhance and develop their coaching, leadership and mentoring skills.
To support the programme, there are a number of sponsorship proposals designed to provide mutual benefits to the FLUID Mentoring Programme and the sponsoring organisation.