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GCB to continue its role in reducing carbon emissions

Posted: 10th February 2014

Government and construction industry leaders are meeting today to mark the second anniversary of the Green Construction Board and announce that it will continue its work for a further 2 years. Its focus will be a reduction in industry carbon emissions.

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon joined with the government’s Chief Construction Adviser, Peter Hansford and CEO and President of Skanska UK, Mike Putnam to chair a panel discussion, as well as hear reports from the GCB’s working groups about the activities they have carried out during the past 12 months.

The GCB was set up to provide leadership to the sector on reducing carbon emissions and capitalising on low carbon growth opportunities, as well as monitoring the implementation of actions in the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan.

Since the publication of the industrial strategy for construction,‘Construction 2025’, in July last year, the GCB now also has a key role in delivering the ambition of a 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. This will be its focus for the next 2 years.

Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon said:

The Green Construction Board (GCB) is a good example of how our industrial strategy is bringing together government and industry leaders to work in partnership and really listen to each other. This will see us address key issues in construction, such as carbon emissions, as well as understanding and capitalising on the prospects for growth.

GCB achievements include:

  • bringing industry and government together in 7 working groups that are delivering a comprehensive programme of activity
  • developing a low carbon Routemap for the Built Environment which sets out actions, together with key performance indicators that can be used to deliver and measure progress in meeting the Routemap’s 2050 target
  • publishing the ‘Infrastructure Carbon Review’ (ICR), a report that makes clear to industry that reducing carbon reduces cost
  • producing ‘Top twenty tips’ guidance on reducing water usage

A list of the GCB’s activities to date, as well as the 2 year on report and further information are available at Green Construction Board.