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Green Construction Board Collection of Data and Evidence

Posted: 8th January 2014

The Green Construction Board’s Knowledge and Skills working group has commissioned the Sustainable Development Foundation to find out what data is being collected in the construction industry and what evidence is being put to use.

Data and evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, can indicate the performance of the built environment and construction processes then inform our behaviour, highlight issues and provide solutions.

We want to make good information more readily available and useable, and spread knowledge to enable greater change towards sustainability.

The purpose of this survey is to identify all data and evidence collected and used in the industry.

If you collect, use or are simply aware of data or evidence in your sector/region, please click here to fill in the survey:

The survey will close on Tuesday 13th January 2014.

For further infromation or if you wish to contact the project team, please e-mail