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ICE launch "Commit To Infrastructure" campaign.

Posted: 9th January 2015

In preparation for the forthcoming General Election, ICE has launched its Commit To Infrastructure campaign with a planned programme of activity to ensure that whichever party wins the General Election, the public will benefit from Government placing Infrastructure at the heart of its economic plans.

The General Election campaign launched with the publication of Commit to Infrastructure: Realising the UK’s Full Potential, This paper strongly makes the case to MPs across the political spectrum that they must take a long-term approach to infrastructure investment – well beyond the political term – with planned investment over 20+ years in a ‘wide array of long-term assets, from airports to wind farms, which all cover returns over their lifecycle. It highlights the progress made in the last five years and sets out five key challenges to policymakers:

1.To give infrastructure the front row seat it deserves – as a driver of growth and job creation but also a catalyst for regenerating communities and maintaining our quality of life

2.To be visionary - creating a long term, evidence-based strategic vision and importantly a framework for achieving political consensus on that vision

3.To be bold – political courage is key, tough decisions lie ahead on the future of the UK’s energy and aviation policy, driving the delivery of major projects, and managing the cost and resilience of our infrastructure networks

4.To get smarter at engaging the public – to better make the case for infrastructure a proactive programme of engagement with the public is needed, building trust, confidence and credibility into the decision making process

5.To build on the progress achieved in the last five years and not throw the baby out with the bathwater – starting from scratch risks losing momentum and shaking investor confidence.

Share your views on this crucial issue

ICE have created the Twitter hashtag #Commit2Infrastructure as a platform for debate in the run up to the General Election. Please use this hashtag to share your views on the importance of infrastructure planning and investment with other ICE members and help to keep industry, politicians and other stakeholders up to date with our recommendations around these key issues.

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