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Interviewee's needed for CITB BIM research

Posted: 21st March 2013

CITB is carrying out research to assess current industry development of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

CITB are carrying out this research to understand skills needs arising amongst contractors, sub-contractors and trades-people. As well as to determine any broader product / service / training needs arising from use of BIM

Reasearch Objectives

  • Explore perceptions of BIM across the industry, including current / future development and likely levels of penetration in the near future
  • To determine the impact of BIM on contractors and sub-contractors, particularly SME’s and specialist sub-contractors, highlighting skills needs arising
  • To determine what tangible impact BIM will have on traditional occupations in construction, including new knowledge and skill requirements and modification of existing skills
  • To determine where gaps arise between identified knowledge and skills needs and current / projected provision; indicating likely areas for product / service development
  • To determine current penetration and effectiveness of existing BIM-related information and guidance across major business segments.

CITB want to interview BIM Experienced Employers, Federations/Associations, Industry Commentators, and Software companies. They will then follow this up with further interviews re-contacting a mixed selection of the stakeholders and run two focus group workshops targeting specific groups from the supply chain (i.e. major contractors, SMEs, specialist sub-contractors, Building Professional Services, and manufacturers/ suppliers).

Any organisations willing to part in in the research or if you would like further information please contact Alan Tanner, Research Analyst, CITB, at