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Morgan Sindall become 80,000th Considerate Construction Site in the UK

Posted: 7th October 2014

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), an initiative which aims to improve the image of the industry by encouraging best practice, has reached its 80,000th registered site.

The 80,000th site belongs to Morgan Sindall’s Brampton Village Primary School site in Huntingdon, and the Managing Director for Construction East and the project team from Morgan Sindall were presented with a plaque on Friday 19th September to mark the occasion.

Registering a site with the CCS demonstrates a commitment to improving the image of construction, as all registered sites must adhere to a Code of Considerate Practice. This involves a commitment from sites registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce. All registered sites are regularly monitored by an experienced industry professional to assess their performance against these points.

Mike Petter, Chairman of the CCS, who celebrated with Morgan Sindall said: “We’re delighted to present Morgan Sindall with a plaque to celebrate their site becoming our 80,000th. We’ve seen the Scheme grow year on year since it began in 1997 as our members appreciate the importance of both the direct and indirect image of sites and how they have a wider impact on the industry as a whole.”

John Homer, Morgan Sindall Managing Director for Construction East, who accepted the plaque, said: “The CCS plays an invaluable role in ensuring best practice across the industry and we’re very pleased to be joining them to celebrate this significant milestone. Reaching this landmark project is proof of the industry’s enthusiasm for the Scheme and the widespread commitment and dedication to improving our working practices and encouraging positive engagement with the community, the environment and the workforce.

“Morgan Sindall has been a steadfast supporter of the CCS and the values it seeks to encourage in the industry since the Scheme’s inception and we look forward to continuing to play our part in promoting best practice in the industry.”

Any work that could be construed by the general public as 'construction' can be registered as a site with the Scheme, with many construction companies and clients automatically registering all their sites as company policy. All registered sites are monitored against the Code of Considerate Practice, with very highest performing sites considered for the Scheme’s annual National Site Awards which take place across the UK and are attended by thousands of construction industry professionals.

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