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National Occupational Standards NOS Projects

Posted: 24th October 2013

Working in partnership with employers

We would like to thank all those who took part in the working groups and the consultation process. Your participation and involvement has ensured that the national occupational standards (NOS) are fit for purpose and reflect changing industry practices.

Industry Benchmark

The NOS provide employers with an industry approved benchmark to help them identify training needs, skills gaps and develop job descriptions.

Review of Construction Contracting Operations Management NOS

The NOS have been updated to reflect new industry practices relating to health and safety, sustainability, energy use, low carbon construction and Building Information Modelling.

Who are these National Occupational Standards aimed at?

These NOS cover the competencies of senior technical people working in a decision making role in construction contracting operations management. They are for people working in a wide range of job occupations including estimators, quantity surveyors, buyers and planners.

New Engineering Surveying Operations National Occupational Standards

CIC have developed a new suite of Engineering Surveying Operations NOS. They are suitable for someone with minimal previous experience in the field of engineering surveying operations. It is intended that they will support the development of a new Level 2 apprenticeship pathway in construction/civil engineering to support the Chain Person job role.

The NOS are available to view on the CIC website here.

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