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New DQI targets to be released

Posted: 4th April 2008

CIC are set to release new DQI targets addressing three key areas:

• Quantity of projects using the tool
• Quantity of DQI events in each project
• Ratio of supply and demand participants at DQI events

The introduction of the targets will enable CIC to focus upon measuring both quantity and quality of DQI usage.

CIC are pleased that use of the DQI is still growing and in many areas the 2007 target (60% of all public projects in excess of £1m to use DQI) has been met.

William Hawkins, Policy & Operations Manager, Design Quality said:
“Over the last six years, since DQI was launched, we have learnt that it is the quality of the application of DQI that makes the real difference. The projects that get the most out of the process are those that build it into their programme and revisit it through inception and design, and the differences are apparent once the building is complete. We are proposing targets which address not only the growth of DQI but also how well it is being applied.”