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Russian Constructors Group visit CIC

Posted: 18th December 2006

At very short notice, CIC arranged to host a morning meeting for a group of 43 Russian engineers who were in the UK last week. They were mostly top-managers of leading Russian Construction Companies and came to study traditional and modern civil engineering construction in Western Europe and the UK , under the patronage of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation . The Group had been assembled under the Russian Governmental Project which has been established in order to facilitate exchange of Russian and Western European experience in Construction.

They attended a number of meetings in Scotland , including Transport Scotland & Forth Estuary Transport Authority, which included a site visit to the new Forth road bridge and then came to London in order to meet Construction Industry Council staff to exchange views and knowledge about Russian and British Construction.
Questions addressed included:
• British city planning;
• Public opinion before and during the construction works;
• Use of power-saving technologies in modern projects;
• Natural ventilation application in high-rise blocks in London ;
• Innovation in Construction projects; and
• History of the British Construction industry