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Safety in Design (SiD) consultation

Posted: 21st July 2004

CIC , as a partner in ConstructionSkills is managing a project to develop and implement benchmark Safety in Design (SiD) learning outcomes and competence standards for designers

Feedback is invited on the draft benchmark learning outcomes and competence standards for designing with safety in mind, and also to influence possible implementation methods.
What is SiD?
SiD is being developed by CIC and Safety in Design Ltd with a Steering Group involving a wide range of interested parties, including representatives of the Professional Institutions, contractors and the Health and Safety Executive. The aim of SiD is to develop benchmarks to ensure that those involved in construction design have the knowledge and the competence to design with health and safety in mind. SiD is within the aegis of the CIC Health and Safety Panel and Training and CPD Panel.
Why is SiD being developed?
There is a compelling need for designers in the built environment to demonstrate knowledge and ability to design with safety and health as an integral part of their design output.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (“CDM Regulations”) came into effect in April 1995. The heart of these regulations (regulation 13) is the requirement on designers in the UK construction industry – who number, at a conservative estimate 250,000, to design out hazards in order to make buildings safer to construct, maintain and demolish.
Clients of the construction industry are required to ensure that any designer they use is competent in this regard.
There are currently no detailed learning outcomes for construction industry designers in relation to CDM Regulation 13, nor are there any standards of benchmarked methods by which a designer can demonstrate competence in this regard.
There is an urgent need to introduce learning outcomes in view of the pressures of the HSE, government and industry. Also, one of CIC’s priorities is supporting the development of health and safety competence, and in particular that issues are addressed in design qualifications.
The full draft standards and learning outcomes and questionnaire can be accessed at All feedback must be submitted by 3 September 2004 .